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Polymer Paint Sealer

A good poly paint sealer, used in Nip Tuck’s Diamond Shine, provides a superior protection compared to the best wax.

  • A Diamond Shine Polymer coating will last 3 times longer than wax.
  • Provides 100% coverage compared to 70% coverage with wax.
  • A 2-stage coating is available for an additional $70 to increase protection for 1 year.

Ceramic Clear Coating

By far, ceramic coatings provide the best protection for your exterior surfaces. This is the best coating available to protect the investment you have made in your vehicle. Ceramic coatings are 100 times thicker than wax and 4 times harder than clear coats. Ceramic coatings start at $600 and increase depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of prep work required.

Applying ceramic coatings requires special training. Nip Tuck technicians have that training. If your plan is to keep your vehicles for over two years, and you want to protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking beautiful, consider ceramic coatings because these coatings last up to seven years. When you consider the cost of your vehicle investment, you can justify ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings require two separate processes. The first is a multiple process of paint preparation to maximize the appearance of the exterior surface before beginning to apply the ceramic coatings. The second process is the ceramic coating. One coat guarantees two years of protection. The ceramic coating takes 12 hours to harden. This coat provides protection against rust, chemical etching, effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint, scratches most air contaminants, and it seals the paint surface with a smooth, brilliant shine. The number of years you anticipate owning your vehicle should be part of your decision.

So what’s the difference?

Sports Package


1 year protection

Bronze Package


2 years protection

Silver Package

H-9 2 coats

5 years protection

Gold Package

H-9 2 coats

Lifetime protection

Over time, ceramic coatings will more than pay for themselves.

Ceramic coatings increase the sales value of your vehicle.

  Ceramic coatings provide a consistent, brilliant shine.

  Ceramic coatings protect your investment

  Ceramic coatings require much less maintenance to keep your vehicle looking good at all times.

Highlighted Work

Paint Protection Film - PPF

“Clear Bra” Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear plastic “Polyurethane” adhesive film that is used to protect the paint finish on your vehicle’s impact zones; such as the leading edge of the hood and bumper. Clear Bra invisible film is strong and durable, providing protection from nicks, stone chips, abrasions, and bumper scuffs. Clear Bra Paint Protection Film can also be used to protect headlights from cracks, scratches, ships and yellowing and hazy buildup.

Undercoating/Rust Protection

Rust is expensive. Over the past decade, car manufacturers have improved their undercarriage coatings, but certain areas of the country use different materials to control snow. These materials attack the manufacturers’ coating. After a vehicle reaches 20,000 miles, the undercarriage should be inspected to determine if additional coatings are needed to control rust. Nip Tuck provides free inspections for all of our customers’ cars that have more than 20,000 miles. This is included in our free Customer Vehicle Protection Program.

Undercoating/Rust Protection Prices

Small Car

2 door

Starting at $135*

Small Car

2 doors/4 seats

Starting at $155*

Mid Size Car

4 doors

Starting at $165*

Large Car

4 doors

Starting at $175*

SUV or Truck

Starting at $195*

Large Truck/SUV/or Van

Starting at $215*

*$10/door to coat if holes are available

We are Fluid Film certified!

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